Miniature Brushes

Hobby Industrie Schmuck Zahntechnik

Bellotti produces these in a wide range of head materials, shapes and diameters - for the broadest range of applications with the hand piece:

  • Bristles for pre-polishing/polishing of metals and plastics 
  • Soft head (e.g. goat hair) for polish/high gloss polish (with polishing paste for metals and plastics equally suitable for metals and plastics)
  • Longer head is ideal for polishing precious metals 
  • Brass/steel head for smoothing/compacting/polishing of precious metals and chrome cobalt 
  • Miniature cloths for high gloss polishing 
  • Miniature cups and brushes for difficult-to-reach dental areas, for finishing/polishing of dental components
  • Scotch Brite brushes as an alternative to abrasive paper (high service life, 6 grades for cleaning and finishing, also for model making from soft plastics)
  • Bellfix disc polyamide brushes with integrated grinding and polishing mediums in varying grains for effective finishing, pre-polishing and high gloss without the additional use of grinding mediums, chemicals or pastes. 
  • Bellfix/Bellfila brushes with polyamide fibre coating: embedded silicone carbide or aluminium oxide make all polishing pastes and media superfluous. Different grades and shapes (cup, brush, wheel) for plastic trim and dental ceramics.